Health Care Administration

Cameron Schmidt

My hometown when I was a student was

Port Austin, MI

I graduated in


I studied

Health Care Administration

I am now

Graduate Assistant at Ball State University

Since graduating from Alma

I have moved out to Kansas City, MO to work for an electronic medical records company called Cerner Corporation. I work on 3-4 month project implementations of Cerner’s Consumer Health applications. The job is extremely rewarding, because every day I wake up knowing that the work I do is leading to an improvement in health in the U.S. and global populations by giving individuals the tools necessary to manage their health care away from their doctor’s office.

In the fall I will be going back to school to pursue my Master’s degree in Information and Communication Sciences from Ball State University. I can honestly say that the Health Care Administration major and overall education from Alma College has created a new passion for me in the Healthcare IT world, and it has guided me down the path that I am currently following. 

My Alma education

taught me to think “big picture.” At first, I was hesitant jumping into a brand new major on campus in Health Care Administration. That hesitation quickly changed to high expectations when I was faced with curriculum that was industry relevant, conferences full of professional networking opportunities and challenges that made you think outside the box to find the solution.

My favorite place(s) on campus included

Joe’s place. When you got that text or call from a friend asking to go to Joe’s, you knew that it meant you got to take a much needed mental break from studying, sports, campus organizations, etc. It was the place to relax, shut your brain off for a while, and just hang with friends. 

My favorite professors(s) included

Every professor at Alma College built the students up in their own unique ways, but my favorite would have to be Dr. Sanders from the Health Care Administration major. He is the kind of person that goes above and beyond to make sure you succeed and get a chance at every professional opportunity that presents itself. Hard work and dedication was his game and he instilled that mentality into all his students. No matter the time of day, I could always count on him being available to assist.

My most vivid/best memory of my time at Alma is

When thinking back on my collegiate years, I have a lot of memories that come to mind, but there is one constant across all of them; each one was made with lifelong friends that were gained due to the close-knit community that was Alma College. Being a smaller school, Alma put its students in situations to create bonds that I don’t think would have been experienced by attending a larger university.