Carrie Jeffers

My hometown when I was a student was

Howell, MI

I graduated in


I studied

Major: English
Minors: Music Education, Secondary Education

I currently live in

Sterling Heights, MI

I am now

Registrar, Macomb Community College

Since graduating from Alma

I have completed my Master of Arts degree in adult education as well as my Doctorate of Philosophy with a concentration in Leadership for Higher Education.

I started my professional career as a high school English teacher, directly following graduation from Alma, but changed my focus to higher education after a couple of years. I have had the opportunity to work at several institutions of higher education in a variety of positions that has lead me to where I am today professionally. I started my career in higher education at Alma College, where I was the Assistant Director of Admissions; moved to Davenport University in Warren, MI where I held the Graduate Admissions & Enrollment Specialist position for their Sneden Graduate School; became the Center Director for the Metro Detroit Program, Siena Heights University in Southfield, MI before finally landing at Macomb Community College where I have been since 2007. I started at Macomb as their Associate Director of Enrollment Services until I was promoted to the College Registrar in 2013. I also teach sections of Macomb’s CSSK 1200 class - College Success Skills for first time students to the college.

I have also held positions within the Michigan Association of Collegiate Registrars & Admission Officers (MACRAO), the statewide organization serving those individuals that are in the admissions/records fields within the higher education institutions of Michigan. I served as Chair of the Registrar Practices Committee; was the two-year college representative for the nomination committee and most recently, I finished my five-year leadership track with the organization where I served as vice president in 2010, president-elect in 2011, president for two years from 2012-2014 and past president in 2015.

Throughout my professional career, I have also had the opportunity to present at state, regional and national levels on topics surrounding admissions, strategic enrollment management, transfer credit systems, collaboration projects amongst Michigan higher education institutions and my personal professional journey within higher education.

I love that my legacy of Alma College continued with my daughter who graduated in 2016.

My Alma education

made me well prepared to tackle any job and/or educational advancement. Studying an array of subject matters allowed me the opportunity to explore not only my chosen area of study, but also to dabble a bit into other areas that I had interest but did not want to make a full commitment to study and/or declare as a major. The liberal arts education opened my eyes and mind to a world of acceptance, tolerance and exploration while preparing me to tackle unfamiliar items that I may not be well versed with confidence.

I was given several leadership opportunities at Alma through different groups in which I participated. Through my sorority where I served as the vice president for scholarship and president; captain of the Alma College color guard for two years; my student teaching semester where I lead a committee of teachers that created special performances for spirit days, teacher-student after school projects and peer-to-peer mentoring for new and/or student teachers.

Alma gave me a solid starting point which prepared me on many levels that allowed me to advance in my formal educational studies as well as within leadership roles in my chosen profession as well as in the professional world of higher education.

My favorite place(s) on campus included

Joe’s, Eddy Music Building, Alpha Gamma Delta House, Chapel/Chapel lawn during Spring Term, Alma College football field on game day and hanging in the dorms with my friends.

My favorite professors(s) included

Dr. Hoefel, Mr. Scripps, Mr. Kevin Smith, Dr. Borello, Dr. Nichols, Dr. Palmer and Dr. Bender.

My most vivid/best memory of my time at Alma is

football game days when the Kiltie Marching Band was on the field @ 7am whipping bagels at one another, waking up the campus, running through the show, in preparation for the halftime performance. I loved being apart of the Kiltie Color Guard and the band and the comradery that this group shared with one another. The people in the band were my closest friends on campus and being apart of such an outstanding group of musicians is one of my most cherished memories

What I've been doing with music since I graduated:

There have been opportunities for me to play my flute with my church orchestra for special concerts, Christmas productions and other special events in which my church hosts.