Leslie Warren

My hometown when I was a student was

Hillsdale, MI

I graduated in


I studied

Anthropology and Psychology

I currently live in

Hillsdale, MI

I am now

MNA AmeriCorps*VISTA

Since graduating from Alma

I joined AmeriCorps in August and have been spending my days at Northwest High School, Jackson College and Jackson College and Career Access Center. I guide high school students on continuing their education after high school graduation and I assist current college students with finishing their college dreams.

My Alma education

If I had not had all of the experiences that I have had at Alma, I would never have heard of AmeriCorps and I would not be serving my community. I struggled with my journey of going to college and now I get to help guide others as they try to accomplish their dreams! Throughout my time at Alma, I have worked in admissions, in the anthropology department and in disability services. Now, I am able to use my skills to better navigate college admissions with the students I encounter every day. 

My favorite place(s) on campus included

visiting the animals in DOW, the anthropology lab and my sorority house.

My favorite professors(s) included

Dr. Mary Theresa Bonhage-Freund, Megan McCullen and Dr. Timm Thorsen

My most vivid/best memory of my time at Alma is

Oh, where do I begin? There are so many memories that it is hard to choose just one. I will never forget the day I met my college roommate. I will always remember the day I met my sorority family. I smile thinking back about the countless nights I spent staying up late studying with friends only to break out in fits of laughter and realize that no matter what score we received on the exam the next day, we still had each other.

My off-campus study experience(s) included

a spring term where I traveled to Forest Hills Nature Center in Forest Hills, Michigan. I joined Dr. Seals in his Outdoor Education class and I learned so much! I have spent three summers as a camp counselor and after learning how to better educate children about the great outdoors, I felt more confident working at the summer camp.