Eric Calhoun


Associate Professor of Biology


Biology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry

Educational Background

  • Ph.D. Biomedical Sciences: Tumor Biology, The Mayo Clinic Graduate School (2002)
  • B.S. Biology, Truman State University (1997)
  • B.S. Chemistry, Truman State University (1997)


Associate Professor

My career at Alma began in


I'm an expert in

Cancer Genetics/Genomics

Signature course(s):

Genetics (BIO204); Cancer Biology (BIO333); Immunology (BIO330)

Recent publications:

Use of exam wrappers and measures of anxiety on class performance in six gateway STEM courses at a small liberal arts college. Swalve et al. Submitted to College Teaching, 2020.

Using allele-specific primer PCR to determine human blood-type genotypes. Calhoun et al. Adv Bio Lab Edu, 2020, Vol 41.

Oncogene-induced Nrf2 Transcription Promotes ROS Detoxification and Tumorigenesis. DeNicola et al. Nature. 2011 Jul 6;475(7354):106-9.21734707 

FAM190A Rearrangements Provide a Multitude of Individualized Tumor Signatures and Neo-antigens in Cancer. Scrimieri et al. Oncotarget. 2011 Jan-Feb;2(1-2):69-75.

Core signaling pathways in human pancreatic cancers revealed by global genomic analyses. Jones et al. Science. 2008 Sep 26;321(5897):1801-6.

Recent presentations:

Human ABO Blood Type and Eye Color - Using SNPs to Design Allele-specific PCR. Prillwitz et al. Mini symposium workshop, Association of Biology Laboratory Education Annual International Conference, Ottawa, Canada, 2019.

Allele-specific PCR of the Human ABO Locus. Martin et al. Poster Presentation, Association of Biology Laboratory Education, Columbus, OH, 2018.

Establishing a Cell Culture Model of FAM190A. Sopjes et al. Oral Presentation, Michigan Academy of Science Arts & Letters Conference, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI, 2017.

Establishing an in vitro culture model for studying the function of FAM190A deletions. McKeith et al. Poster Presentation, 107th Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research, New Orleans, LA, 2016.

Rozeveld CN*, Calhoun ES. CRISPR Mediated Knockout of Cancer-Associated FAM190A. Oral Presentation, Honors Day Symposium, Alma College, Alma, MI, 2016.

The Functional Significance of FAM190A in Human Cancer. McKeith et al. Oral Presentation, Michigan Academy of Science Arts & Letters Conference, Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI, 2015.