Nicola Findley

Dr. Findley loves to teach – and has always loved to teach! After completing an undergraduate education degree in Bristol, England, that included a study abroad semester at the U





Educational Background

  • Ph.D. Curriculum, Teaching, and Educational Policy. Michigan State University. 2000.
  • B.Ed. with honors. Bristol University, U.K. 1979.

I am...

I am a teacher. I love getting to know what students think and how they think; hearing them talk about their work with children; and helping them become the best teachers that they can be.


Professor Emeritus 

My career at Alma began in


Signature course(s):

Educational Foundations courses: EDC 101 Introduction to Education; EDC 400 Issues and Contexts

Recent presentations:

Findley, Nicola. “Teaching is (like)…”: Discussing images of teaching from prospective teachers and other contexts and stakeholders. Presentation at Lilly Conference Series on College and University Teaching and Learning, Traverse City, MI, Saturday, October 17, 2015.