Registrar’s Office

1010 SOC

Thirty-six credits which must include:

  1. Core: SOC-101, 301, and 302.
  2. Two concentrations, with eight credits in each area (a total of 16-credits):
    • Self and Society: SOC-224, 234, 236, or 243
    • Social Structure and Inequality: SOC-141, 225, 226, 229, or 341
    • Social Institutions: SOC-220 and SOC-353
  3. Eight credits of SOC electives. No more than four credits of approved SOC-180 may count towards the major.
  4. The senior comprehensive evaluation for the major is the successful completion of the Major Field Test in Sociology.
  5. Department Honors: Successful completion of SOC-500 and a minimum of 3.5 GPA in Sociology.