Registrar’s Office

1010 POL

Thirty-six credits which must include:

  1. POL-401
  2. At least twenty additional upper level credits. (No more than eight credits from POL 226/227 and 328/329 may count toward the major.)
  3. Successful completion of the departmental comprehensive examination. The exam will require that students demonstrate competency in three of the following four subfields of political science: American politics and public policy (APP), Comparative politics (CMP), International Relations (INR) and Political Theory (THE). Students can determine the subfield to which a course belongs by noting the explanatory caption that appears in parentheses at the end of the course description.
  4. For topics courses designated POL-180, 280, and 380, consult with the instructor or political science chair to determine which subfield the course falls under.
  5. Departmental honors require the completion of a senior thesis, successful defense before the department, and public presentation of the thesis.