Registrar’s Office

1010 PAF

To earn certification in the Public Affairs Program, students must earn a minimum of eighteen credits drawn from the following classes:

  • PAF-150, 160, 350, 360, 385, 450 and 499; and POL-141 or comparable classes, independent studies or seminars in other disciplines pre-approved by the Director of Public Affairs as alternatives of PAF-385, 450, or 499.
  • Participants are encouraged to satisfy general education requirements by completing coursework in HST-105 or 121; PHL-126, 225, 227, 228, 229, 235 or REL-210; ECN-111 and 112, POL-101, or SOC-101; and ENV-105 or PSY-121.
  • Elective coursework will be recommended by the program advisor to enhance skills and broaden perspectives.

Candidates who complete Alma’s degree requirements and all Institute components will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in the major subject and will have the following noted on their permanent record: Completed the Public Affairs Program.

Candidates who satisfy the requirements prescribed above and who achieve a 3.0 overall GPA together with a 3.25 GPA in the Institute Program will have the designation Public Affairs Fellow inscribed on their permanent record. Admission to the Institute requires formal application and acceptance.