Registrar’s Office

1050 MUS

Applies to: MUS-191-198, 291-298, 391-398, and 491-498.

Private lesson offerings are open to both majors and non-majors who complete an audition and receive permission to register. The 300-level (391-398) and 400-level (491-498) represent upper level performance skill and experience and require Departmental approval. Candidates for the Bachelor of Music in Performance are advised to enroll at the 400-level by the second semester of the first year. Only 400-level students may elect four hours of credits, which is open only to majors. The Department will consider all candidates for the Bachelor of Music in Performance for 400-level suitability at the end of the first term of study. 100-level lessons do not count toward the degree.

There is a private lesson instruction fee of $165 per term for all levels (191-198, 291-298, 391-398, and 491-498). (Offered every term)