Registrar’s Office

1010 MTH

Thirty-six credits which must include:

  1. MTH-121, 122, 210, 223, 310, and 421 or 431.
  2. Twelve other upper-level Mathematics credits.
  3. Cognates:CSC-120 and one course other than a Mathematics course, approved by the Department, with a Mathematics prerequisite numbered 113 or higher.
  4. The senior comprehensive examination includes three parts: successful completion of the Major Field Test in Mathematics, submission of an approved writing sample and an approved oral presentation.
  5. At least one statistics course is recommended.
  6. Students interested in graduate school in mathematics should complete both MTH-421 and 431 and an honors project. Students interested in business and industrial careers should consider additional courses in Applied Mathematics, Computer Science and fields which apply mathematics in significant ways.