Registrar’s Office

1100 EDC

This certificate permits teaching in grades K-5 all subjects and K-8 self-contained classrooms, and, if desired, 6-8 in a content area minor or major.

Elementary Education majors may complete certification requirements for Option 1: Core Subject OR Option 2: Comprehensive Major.

Students may elect to add an endorsement from either Option in addition to completing Option 1 or Option 2.

ELEMENTARY OPTION 1: Core Subject must include all of the following:

  1. Elementary Education Major — 60 credits of required EDC courses including 36 credits of Professional Sequence courses and 24 credits of Elementary Education Content and Pedagogy courses (see above). A 2.5 GPA is required for the Elementary Education certification major and no course for certification may be taken Pass/Fail, except for 1 credit placement classes, or be graded below a 2.0 (C).
  2. Either a Teaching Major or two Teaching Minors selected from the following:
    1. Social Studies Group Major.
    2. Integrated Science Group Major or Group Minor.
    3. Language Arts Group Major or Group Minor.
    4. Elementary Mathematics Major or Minor
    A 2.5 GPA is required for each certification major and/or minor and no course required for certification may be taken Pass/Fail or be graded below a 2.0 (C).
  3. As Cognates, a Planned Program of Elementary Education Content courses which must include the following:
    • MTH-202 (4 cr)
    • HUM-110 (4 cr)
    • HST-104, 121 or 254 (American History, 4 cr)
    • IPH-271A (2 cr)
    • BIO-101 (4 cr)
    • HST-206 (4 cr)
    • ENG-225 (4 cr) 
    • PSC-101 (4 cr) (Note: Integrated Science majors/minors take other required courses)
    No cognate course required for certification may be taken Pass/Fail or be graded below a 2.0 (C).
  4. An overall GPA of 2.75 is required for Alma College to recommend a student for certification.
  5. The MTTC Test in Elementary Education (passing score required for certification). Note: Elementary candidates must pass State tests in their Specialty Area Endorsement (major or minor) to be certified in these areas. For initial certification, MTTC subject-area passing scores will remain valid for five years.
  6. Students must provide proof of valid CPR and First Aid cards as required by the Michigan Department of Education for certification.