Registrar’s Office

1030 EDC

The Secondary Education Major may only be completed with another valid Alma College teaching major. Some certification endorsement areas require an additional teaching major. All teacher candidates are strongly encouraged to complete at least one additional subject area for certification. 

The Secondary Education Major consists of 36 credits of a required Professional Sequence of Education courses:

  1. EDC-130 (2 cr) with 103 (1 cr).
  2. EDC-230 (3 cr) with 203 (1 cr); EDC 240 (4 cr).
  3. EDC-311 (1 cr); 312 (1 cr); 303 (1 cr); EDC-346 (4 cr); 370 (2 cr); 373 (3 cr) (except for Special Education major). Prerequisites include Admission to the Teacher Education Program.
  4. EDC-430S (3 cr) with 490S and 491S (10 cr). Prerequisites include successful completion of all other courses of Secondary Education Major and Admission to Student Teaching.