Registrar’s Office

1010 ECN

Thirty-six credits which must include:

  1. Eight credits from ECN-111, 112, 122, or other approved 100-level course
  2. ECN-217, 311, 312, and 317
  3. Twelve credits of ECN at or above the 300-level
  4. Successful completion of ECN-500 or a minimum score of 150 on the Major Field Achievement Test in Economics is required for the Department’s comprehensive evaluation. Students should schedule the MFAT for the Fall Term of their senior year. Students who fail the Fall MFAT will retake it in the Winter Term. Students who fail a second time will be given an oral comprehensive evaluation.
  5. All 36 credits that count toward the major must be taken for letter grade. Economics courses may be taken for S/F credit but only above and beyond the 36 credits taken for letter grade for the major.
  6. Prior approval is required for all transfer credit for any 300-level or above ECN coursework.


  • The Department recommends that students supplement the major with courses from other areas, including (but not limited to) Business Administration, Computer Science, Mathematics, Philosophy, Political Science, and Psychology. Students interested in Economics graduate work are strongly encouraged to take at least a year of calculus or other advanced Mathematics classes. Computer Science classes are also useful as preparation for Economics graduate work.