Registrar’s Office

1010 CSC

Thirty-six credits, which must include:

  1. CSC-120, 121, 204, 230, 240 and 310
  2. Fourteen additional credits as follows:
  • Eight credits from CSC-410, 420, 430 or 440.
  • Electives may be chosen from any CSC course numbered 114 or above; MTH-336; and COG-120.

3. The senior comprehensive examination includes three parts: successful completion of the Major Field Test in Computer Science, submission of an approved writing sample and an approved oral presentation.

4. Cognates: In addition to the thirty-six credits above, MTH-120, and 4 additional credits of MTH numbered 113 or above. Students should coordinate with their advisor to decide which MTH course best aligns with their interests.