Registrar’s Office

1020 CHM

  • Potential majors are advised to schedule MTH-121 and 122 and PHY-121 and 122 (or PHY-112 and 113) in the freshman and sophomore years so they may enroll in CHM-331 and 332 in the junior year.
  • Completion of an independent research project normally culminating in a senior thesis is recommended. Students bound for graduate school should make careful course selections to support their particular area of emphasis; participation in research, completion of CHM-313, 314 and 411, MTH-210 and 211 should be considered.
  • Experience with calculus based physics (PHY- 121 and 122) is preferred over PHY-112 and 113.
  • Students bound for medical school should elect CHM-115 in the fall of the freshman year so that BCM-321 can be completed in advance of taking the MCAT at the end of the Junior year (CHM-115, 223, 224, 230 and BIO-121 are prerequisites to BCM-321).
  • To be a competitive medical school applicant, the Chemistry Department strongly recommends students completing a Chemistry major also take genetics and physiology, in addition to considering upper level electives from Biology, Biochemistry or Integrated Physiology and Health Science.