Registrar’s Office

1020 BCM

  1. Potential majors are advised to schedule MTH-121 and 122 and PHY-112 and 113 or 121  and 122 in the freshman and sophomore years so they may take CHM-331 or 332 in the junior year.
  2. Take note that BCM-422 and 430 are offered in the winter term of alternating years.
  3. This is an excellent major for pre-medical students, but additional electives are strongly advised.
  4. Students bound for graduate school should make careful course selections to support their area of emphasis. Additional course work in biology, chemistry and mathematics is desirable. It is strongly-advised that participation in research begin at least in the Junior year.
  5. Completion of an independent research project culminating in a senior thesis is encouraged.
  6. Students who declare a Biochemistry major may not elect a second major in Chemistry.