Integrated Health Studies Institute

Chantal Sicile-Kira

With advice and reflections from adults on the autism spectrum, as well as her personal experience as an advocate and parent of a young adult with an ASD, the challenges and strengths, of those living with autism will be discussed.  Challenge areas such as sensory processing, social relationships and safety will be explained. How building on a person’s strength or special interest can create community connections and/or possible employment will be explored.  Finally, the dreams and hopes of those with autism and their families will be discussed, providing a greater understanding of neighbors who may be different…not less.



Chantal Sicile-Kira is an award-winning author and leader in the field of autism. She is the founder of which provides practical information on-line. Her first practical experience with autism was at Fairview State Hospital, teaching self-help and community living skills to adolescents with developmental disabilities in preparation for their de-institutionalization.


More recently she has served on and chaired regional taskforces giving input to the CA Senate Committee on Autism. Her son Jeremy, severely impacted with autism, graduated from high school with a full academic diploma in June 2010 and is currently a volunteer with ARI and AGI, and does presentations. Chantal and Jeremy co-authored A Full Life with Autism From Learning to Forming Relationships to Achieving Independence (Macmillan 2012). For more information, go to


Founder of presentation titled: Living with Autism: Our Challenges, Our Strengths and Our Dreams.