Peggy Yates

With twenty-five years of K-12 teaching experience as a veteran, special and general education teacher, Dr. Peggy Yates, utilizes her experiences and extensive academic training to engage her students in learning. Grounded in the theoretical, pedagogical, legal, and instructional foundations of teaching students with special needs, she is experienced in creating curricular programs and collaborating with experts in the field of special education (e.g. TED Paraeducator SIG) to work toward optimizing services for students with special needs. Her current research and National presentations (CEC 2019; CEC TED 2016, 2017, 2018) encompass understanding how to engage students with special needs in learning with a paraeducator and integrating assistive technology experiences into teacher education programs.


Program Director of Special Education Teacher Preparation, Assistant Professor


Special Education

Educational Background

Dr. Yates’ credentials represent a compilation of a drive for improving special education and include: Doctor of Education (University of Michigan-Flint), Director of Special Education (Full Approval from the Michigan Department of Education), Masters in Special Education-Learning Disabilities and Emotional Disorders (Saginaw Valley State University) and a Masters in Middle Level Education (Central Michigan University). She holds a Michigan Department of Education Administrator Certificate with Central Office endorsement and is a certified special education and general education teacher in the State of Michigan.

My career at Alma began in


Signature course(s):

EDC 150/105, EDC 255, EDC 250/205, EDC 350, EDC 450/405, EDC 180 Teacher Leader

Recent presentations:

Dr. Peggy Yates proudly represented Alma College at the National Council for Exceptional Children 2019 Conference in Indianapolis, IN. Her session, Effectively Incorporating Classroom Paraeducators to Optimize Individualized Instruction was a featured session in the journal Special Education Connection and had 200+ special educators in attendance. 




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