Antuan Featherstone

Antuan Featherstone, Sr. ’09

“Alma College has left an indelible imprint in my life.  I appreciate having had an opportunity to be a voice in Alma’s history.   Alma is a dynamic and resilient institution that continues to get better with time for the benefit of its students and alumni.  I enjoyed having approachable faculty in the classrooms and resources available to assist me when I need them. ” Antuan is now a Cooperative Specialist for Aerotek - Title Source. 

I graduated in


I studied

Business Administration, with an emphasis on Organizational Leadership

I currently live in

Detroit, MI

I am now

Cooperative Specialist for Aerotek - Title Source. I function as a settlement agent for Title Source’s mortgage clients. the primary objective of my work is to migrate risk factors for lenders by ensuring compliance with current laws and federal regulation.

Since graduating from Alma

I married my best friend, Kristen, a registered nurse.  Together, we have three amazing children (the AAA team): Abigayle, Antuan Jr., and Anabelle.  In addition, I was ordained as an Elder in the Church of God in Christ.

My Alma education

has helped me to see a world full of unlimited possibilities.  Alma is committed to seeing students be their best, but in return there must be a willingness to learn and be open to new experiences.  Personally, the college’s faculty and staff helped me grow tremendously and challenged me to be the best.  Too often, I made excuse for why I could not or did not give more than 100% and my professors called me out.  They told me to do better and expected greater from me.  Needless to say, it has helped and I plan to begin graduate school in the next year.

My favorite professors(s) included

Professor Ron Lemmon. My favorite course was Global Business Strategy (BUS 440).  I can remember being absolutely petrified about being required to take the course, but even “I Survived Global!”   Professor Lemmon (PL) is a straightforward, common sense businessman and instructor which better prepares business and like majors for their professional career.  I admired the fact that he did not just tell students what to think.  PL challenged us to use our analytical and critical thinking skills in decision making.  Reflecting back, if ever I or a teammate were stuck on a problem, he would ask if our plan did or did not make sense for executing the strategy.  In effect, it was empowering and those classroom memories continue to impact my life.

My most vivid/best memory of my time at Alma is

in the dorm as Resident Assistant.  I had so much fun on rounds that I generally never sat at the switchboard.  I used that time to meet new students and talk to some I may have never spoken with.  The movie nights, pranks, and other things college students do were fun too.

I too was glad to be a part of the tough conversations on issues like affirmative action, education, inequality, race, right-to-work/unions amongst many others in various forums.