Sheryle Dixon

Sheryle Dixon coordinates the research, writing, and submission of grant proposals to external funding organizations, including government agencies.  Sheryle works part-time as a professor, teaching three courses per year.




Assistant Professor/Director of Academic Grants Support



Educational Background

Ph.D. (Philosophy of Education) from the University of Manitoba (1994)

M.A. (Philosophy) from the University of Manitoba (1990)

B.Ed. (Elementary Education) from the University of Manitoba (1986)

I am...

I am excited about helping students explore fine arts education, aesthetics, and grant writing!


Assistant Professor of Philosophy

My career at Alma began in


I'm an expert in

I’m an expert in aesthetic education and philosophy of sport.

My expertise:

My areas of expertise include philosophy of education, particularly aesthetic education (“Creative Dance: Enriching Understanding”/Sheryle Bergmann Drewe and “Creative Dance Inspirations: Facilitating Expression”/Sheryle Bergmann Drewe).  I have also written two books on philosophy of sport: “Why Sport?” (Sheryle Bergmann Drewe) and “Socrates, Sport, and Students” (Sheryle Bergmann Drewe).

Signature course(s):

Fine Arts Education, Aesthetics, and Grant Writing