Victor Argueta


Associate Professor of Physics & Pre-Engineering Coordinator



Educational Background

  • Post-doctoral research at the Center for Advanced Research and Applied Technology (2008)
  • Ph.D., ECE, The Ohio State University (2005)
  • M.S., ECE, The Ohio State University (2002)
  • B.S., Telecommunication Engineering, UNAM, Mexico City (1998)


Associate Professor of Physics

My career at Alma began in


My expertise:

Ph.D. in opto-electronics with postdoctoral training in optical imaging, optical sensing and wireless sensor networks. Over 5 years of experience in micro-optical design using ray-tracing software (OSLO, ZEMAX).  Lead several projects from problem identification with client to presentation of first prototype. Granted six US patents in optical design and optical communications.

Recent publications:

  • M.A. Casas-Ramos. G E Sandoval-Romero, V Argueta-Díaz y E. F. Pinzon- “Experimental Results: Spectrum Output Analysis of an EDFA with Yterrbium-Doped Fiber Using a Superluminescent Diode Source”, Revista Mexicana de Fisica, accepted
  • Victor Argueta, Elizabeth Wickens, “Fabrication of Optical Interconnect Components for Free-pace OXC using PDMS and Thermoplastics” Optical Interconnect Conference 2016, May 9-11 2016
  • Ramírez-Chavarría, R. G., C. Sánchez-Pérez, and V. Argueta-Díaz. “Design of a Compact Herriott Cell for Heat Flux Measurement Applications.”,  World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, October 2015
  • Sandoval-Romero, G. Eduardo, and Víctor Argueta-Díaz. “A Simple Theoretical Comparison between Two Basic Schemes in Function of the Earth’s North Pole Detection: The Static Method.” Journal of Sensors 2010 (2010).
  • Perevoshchikova, M., G. E. Sandoval-Romero, and V. Argueta-Diaz. “Developing an optical sensor for local monitoring of air pollution in México.”Journal of Optical Technology 76, no. 5 (2009): 274-278.
  • Sandoval‐Romero, G. E., V. Argueta‐Díaz, and O. Pottiez. “Theoretical results of the analytical and numerical solutions of superluminescent fiber sources.”physica status solidi (c) 6, no. S1 (2009): S227-S230.
  • Argueta-Diaz, Victor, and Augusto García-Valenzuela. “3D image profiler based on passive photometric measurements.” Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics 10, no. 10 (2008): 104015.
  • Argueta-Diaz, Victor, and Augusto García-Valenzuela. “Range sensing using photometric differentiation.” In Lasers and Electro-Optics, 2008 and 2008 Conference on Quantum Electronics and Laser Science. CLEO/QELS 2008. Conference on, pp. 1-2. 2008

Recent presentations:

  • Argueta, Victor, and Celia Sanchez Perez. “Design of a Compact Optical Sensor for Heat Flux Measurement in Biological Tissue.” In Frontiers in Optics, pp. FW4G-8. Optical Society of America, 2014.