Wanted: 500 Alma Ambassadors

Participants in the new Alma Ambassador Program may choose from several categories in which to get actively involved with Alma College.

A new Alma Ambassador Program, launched during homecoming weekend Oct. 2-4, invites volunteers — i.e. “ambassadors” — to assist Alma College in student recruitment, engagement, retention and career assistance activities.

More than 350 Alma alumni and friends have already registered for the program. The college has set an aggressive goal of 500 ambassadors by June 30, 2016.

A key component of Ambassador is a new referral award that acknowledges the essential role of volunteers in reaching students who are a great fit for Alma.

Prospective students who are referred to the college by an alumnus, faculty or staff member, current student, parent or friend of the college — and who ultimately enroll and attend Alma — automatically receive the Alma College Referral Award, which provides $1,000 per year for four years in the name of the individual who referred them to the college.

Since the homecoming launch, the college has received more than 300 student referrals.

“I am grateful for the tremendous efforts of our staff to design and launch Ambassador and believe its early success is attributable to two main factors,” says Matthew vandenBerg, vice president for advancement. “First, the program is a direct response to significant feedback we have received from our constituents. Our alumni, parents and friends have consistently told us that they want to engage even more deeply and in even more ways with the college.

“Second, the program’s value proposition to both the participant and the college is clear,” he says. “Each engagement opportunity within Ambassador provides Alma College with significant value, and at the end of the day, we believe that people volunteer because they are passionate and wish to provide meaningful assistance.”

Participants may choose from several categories in which to get actively involved with Alma College, including assisting in the student recruitment process, referring students, advising student groups, creating internships or planning alumni activities.

“Ambassador is a great way for anyone connected with Alma College to give back to the campus community,” says Amanda Slenski, director of alumni and family engagement. “We work alongside campus partners to ensure that we are utilizing volunteers in ways that will most help them to meet college-wide goals and objectives.

“Many individuals have stepped up to encourage others to join,” says Slenski. “Our Board of Trustees, Alumni Board and Parent Board have all been actively recruiting Alma Ambassadors.”

Learn more about the program and register at:

Story published on November 03, 2015