Center for College and Community Engagement

Scots in Service Living Learning Community

Living Learning Community in Bruske Hall connects service-oriented first year student leaders.

The Scots in Service Living Learning Community (SISLLC) is a community for selected first-year service-oriented leaders. The SISLLC is housed in Bruske Hall. The goals of Scots in Service is to emphasize a sense of belonging among student participants, foster sustainable relationships between the community and the College, and encourages student reflection about civic responsibility as a form of vocational exploration.


SISLLC participants will receive a $500 housing credit for the year. To earn the $500 credit, participants will fulfill outlined student expectations, such as working with the supervising AmeriCorps Vista and CCCE staff to create and execute an individualized community engagement plan. Students are also expected to complete an end-of-semester reflection project about the community engagement completed during the semester. Students will gain leadership opportunities through monthly community building meetings while simultaneously gaining a community of peers who have a shared interest in service.


Entering first year students interested in applying to live in the Scots in Service Living Learning Community may do so here.

Story published on March 07, 2022