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Eddie Ferguson: Ready to Join the Job Market in a Competitive Field

“New media studies is more than just graphic design; we learn about all forms of media and discuss the process and reasons why certain design practices are used in different scenarios. In terms of art, we learn effective uses of color schemes, the principles of color, form, line, shape and more.”

ALMA — Eddie Ferguson came to Alma College from Columbus, Ohio, with a distinct goal in mind — someday earning a job as a game designer.


Thanks to the Alma College new media studies program, Ferguson has had ample opportunities to construct the framework of his interest and set himself up for future employment in the field he loves most.


“Alma is one of the only schools that I applied to that already had a game design program, which was a key factor that got me here. Also, when I came on my visit, I met Dr. Lauren Woolbright. We talked about the new media studies program, and it seemed like a good fit for what I wanted to do,” Ferguson said.


Through Alma’s new media studies program, students can combine innovative ideas with skillful techniques. Students involved in this program can work with film, gaming, graphic design, podcasting and animation.


“When I came to Alma, the game design program was somewhat new. But as the program grew, I grew,” Ferguson said. “I was able to take classes such as interactive media, social media, interactive design, media and culture theory and others, in order to gain an overall understanding of what it meant to be an independent game developer.”


When not in class, Ferguson designs his own games, which he plans to release to the public after graduating from college. He also runs a graphic design brand, creating unique logos for his own clothing, and one day plans to develop cell phone apps.


One thing I had to overcome when coming to Alma was being comfortable with expressing my game ideas in an effective way. I wanted to be able to explain them with a lot of detail to express the main goal of each game,” Ferguson said. “Alma has helped me build on my confidence tremendously when demonstrating my games and in general.”


Ferguson is a member of the Delta Gamma Tau fraternity, as well as the Alma College football and basketball teams. Through these organizations, he has been able to find long-lasting friendships.


“Being in a fraternity, in particular, made me a lot more open, and has given me a home away from home,” Ferguson said. “I have brothers to support me and keep me on track right there in the house.”


After graduation, Ferguson plans to continue the development of his own games and graphic design brand. He is grateful for his experiences at Alma College.


“Alma is small and it feels like a family. Classes allow for students to have 1-on-1 time with their professors. I can ask them about schoolwork or other concerns, and they remember my name, which I’ve found is not common at larger colleges and universities,” Ferguson said.


Story published on July 29, 2021