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Alexandra Mithen: Research Leads to Academic Publishing

“I chose Alma because I could continue dancing in both the Dance Company and the Alma dance team ... I also realized I could serve as a leader for various organizations on campus, all while pursuing an IPHS major in preparation for medical school.”

ALMA — Alexandra Mithen of Livonia hasn’t even graduated college yet and she will soon be a published researcher in her field.

A paper co-written by Mithen, “The Effect of Compression Socks on Maximal Exercise Performance and Recovery in Insufficiently Active Adults,” is set to be published by the International Journal of Exercise Science at a later date.

The study evaluated the effects of compression socks on exercise performance and recovery from a graded maximal treadmill test. Mithen, an integrative physiology and health science major, completed the project with help from Alma College assistant professor Alexander Montoye, Alma graduate Haven Westra ’21 and Hope College professor Brian Rider.

“While at Alma, I have found my voice and am now able to articulate my thoughts with confidence regardless of my audience,” Mithen said. “Alma has proven to me what I learned in my childhood — that you shouldn’t set limits for yourself when pursuing your goals. There are so many opportunities to try new experiences through campus organizations and activities. You just need to engage.”

Mithen has had opportunities to explore outside of the classroom, too, as a member of the college dance team and Dance Company. The Alma College dance team recently won its second national championship.

“I love that I can be involved in as many organizations and activities as I want while also being a member of a varsity sport and pursuing my career goals.” Mithen said. “At a larger school, I would have to make choices and limit my options, while at Alma, the sky is the limit.”

After graduation, Mithen plans to attend medical school to pursue her dream of becoming a sports medicine physician.

“Through this past year with the pandemic, I expanded my adaptability and resilience, finding a way to achieve what I set out to do despite COVID-related restrictions. These skills and perspectives will help me to achieve my goals beyond Alma College. I am excited to see what is in store for my future.”

Story published on June 29, 2021