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Alexis Abu: Triple Major Excels in Personal Passion

“Alma College has given me the opportunity to triple major, compete on the dance team, participate in the dance company, be a member of the dance honorary, work for the Athletics department, and hold the position of vice president of the Alma College Union Board.”

Alexis Abu is a captain on the Alma College Dance Team, and a member of both the college Dance Co... Alexis Abu is a captain on the Alma College Dance Team, and a member of both the college Dance Company and Alma's dance honorary, Pi Delta Chi.ALMA — Alexis Abu has been able to use her time in college to gain real-world, professional experience.

Abu is a captain on the Alma College Dance Team, and a member of both the college Dance Company and Alma’s dance honorary, Pi Delta Chi. During her time as a student, she has been able to balance internships within the field of sports and dance, in the hopes of eventually finding a career as a professional dancer.
In the summer of her first year at Alma, Abu completed a sports management internship at Jimmy John’s Field in Utica, Mich., home of the United Shore Professional Baseball League’s Utica Unicorns. In this role, Abu collected dancers’ availability for scheduling, cut game-day music, ran rehearsals twice a week and supervised more than 70 dancers on game days.

“This was extremely hectic at times, but I, alongside the entertainment director, kept every dancer on-task and where they needed to be so that everything ran smoothly.” Abu said. “From this experience, I grew as a dancer, as a manager, leader and as a person. As a dancer, I gained choreographic experience and more performance experience.”

During the winter of her sophomore year, Abu was chosen to be an instructor for the National Dance Alliance (NDA). Ninety-five percent of the job as an NDA instructor, Abu said, is teaching and ensuring that dancers who attend classes understand and retain the information she provided them.

“After this, I feel much more prepared for lifelong learning and leadership within my chosen vocations. Not only have I networked among my superiors within NDA, I have also networked with the coaches of teams I’ve instructed. With the connections I’ve made from this experience, I believe many doors have opened for my future.”

Abu has managed to serve in all of these roles while managing a heavy course load, with three academic majors —management, psychology and dance. She said that in addition to dance, she would like to pursue a career within the fields of criminal justice or forensic psychology.

A native of New Baltimore, Mich., Abu said she did not imagine ending up at a small, liberal arts college when she was young. But after speaking with admissions representatives and seeing all the college had to offer, she felt like she was in the presence of family.

“The Alma admissions rep was very personable and passionate about Alma. He wasn’t like the typical college rep that throws information at you and sends you on your way. There was something warm and welcoming about the way he talked, especially about Alma and all that it had to offer.”

Story published on May 31, 2021