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Hunter Nash: Getting the ‘Inside’ Story of Alma College

“Alma stood out as a highly academic school, with a majority of students being athletes. I thought that this was a very cool element that you don’t see at many schools — where there is a great community, amazing athletics and even better academics.”

Hunter Nash, a senior at Alma College, has made the most out of all the opportunities the college has given him. Some might say he has provided Alma some interesting opportunities as well.

Nash, a member of the Scots men’s soccer team, hosts a regular web interview show on the college athletic department’s YouTube channel, “Inside Scot Sports with Hunter Nash.” The show, which was also created by Nash, spotlights student-athletes at Alma.

“It meant a lot to me to be able to continue playing soccer after high school,” said Nash. “Being able to dive deeper into college athletics, by creating and hosting this web show, has been a really cool experience. It’s been nice to see the way people have responded to it, and I’ve learned a lot about marketing and public relations.”

In addition to hosting a web show, Nash stays involved in Scots athletics by serving as the social media coordinator for Alma’s Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC), an elected member of the national Division III SAAC, and a referee for the college’s intramural sports leagues.

Memorably, through these experiences, Nash once delivered a customized Alma soccer jersey to college President Jeff Abernathy.

“We only had about a 15-minute window of time to gift him the jersey, take a picture and talk,” Nash said. “Once we finished taking our picture, President Abernathy stepped out of his way and talked with me for at least 10 minutes about how my experience at Alma has been, what I am studying, how my classes are going and what I want to pursue.

“Knowing he went out of his way to spend time with me, with his busy schedule, meant a lot and I think it represents what he is trying to do with Alma College,” he added.

Academically speaking, Nash is double-majoring in finance and economics. In between classes and athletics, he has found time for internships at Mercantile and Huntington National banks. After graduation, he intends to move to Chicago to pursue a career in the finance industry.

Nash said his experience at Alma has been memorable for many reasons, but his relationships with faculty and staff stood out the most.

“My favorite thing about Alma College is the faculty because they constantly go out of their way to help students, while also giving them as many resources as possible,” Nash said. “Last March when COVID-19 made its presence felt on campus, every single one of my professors gave me their cell phone number and advised my classes to call or text them anytime they needed help, whether it be school-related or not.

“I think that example speaks magnitudes about Alma’s culture.”

Story published on February 22, 2021