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Asia Patterson: Travel Opportunities Pilot Interest

“My first visit on Alma’s campus immediately felt like home. Learning about the travel opportunities offered and the scholarships such as the Venture Grant and Posey Global Fellowship that help fund student travels, I knew I wanted to be a Scot.”

Asia Patterson of Ludington, a senior, has embraced the countless travel opportunities that Alma offers.

Travel isn’t the only factor that originally swayed her decision to attend Alma College. While double majoring in Spanish and new media studies, Patterson has also noticed the full support and attention that professors give their students, which is something she admires.

“My favorite thing about Alma College is the one-on-one attention from professors that has pushed me to do and be my absolute best,” she said. “The kindness, friendship, and academic and emotional support professors have offered me during my time here has been truly pivotal in my growth both academically and personally.”

While at Alma, Patterson has been able to do an internship, study abroad, and explore different subjects that interest her. Patterson’s most cherished experience at Alma College was a spring term class, Fan Cultures, through which she was able to attend concerts, baseball games, and a comic book convention to observe “fan” behavior.

Patterson has also been able to travel through Alma’s alternative break opportunities. She spent the majority of that time in the Everglades and Biscayne national parks in Florida. She and a team of other students worked to clean the parks and clear out invasive species.

“It was an eye-opening experience that has made me more aware of how human behavior is affecting the environment in irreversible ways.” she said.

“Outside of school, I have become a more community- and globally-minded person. My experiences have made me more aware of the importance of empathetic and cross-cultural relationships to build a community in which every person is accepted and inspired to be who they are. I truly believe that the greatest lessons can be learned by speaking to people who are most different from ourselves.”

During her time at Alma, Patterson has worked as a tutor and teaching assistant for beginning-level Spanish students. Patterson has also worked as a camp counselor at Concordia Spanish Language Village, a program of Concordia College in Moorhead, Minn., and as a video production intern with the Michigan Education Association.

After college, Patterson plans to become an English teacher in Spain for a year. Later, she intends to return to the U.S. to complete a graduate degree program in marketing photography.

Story published on January 05, 2021