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May 2019: Opera House and Bruske Hall Construction Updates

May 24, 2019

The Opera House

Work on the major renovations to the Opera House continues to be on schedule for completion by mid-August. Current progress includes finishing drywall on the third floor and painting on the second and third floors. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing work is nearly complete on the first floor and in the basement. Tiling on the second floor and framing in the first-floor lobby are nearly finished. All stair construction is complete.

Tiling on the second floorTiling on the second floor


Bathroom with shower and tilingBathroom with shower and tiling

Historic corridorHistoric corridorPainted windowsPainted windowsFraming in first floor lobbyFraming in first floor lobby


Bruske Hall

Bruske Hall construction also is underway. Abatement is complete on the second floor and in progress on the third floor, with demolition to follow. Metal stud framing has started on the second floor, and all of the first-floor room ceilings have been framed. Drywall hanging in the first-floor bathrooms has started. All underground plumbing is complete. Electrical rough-ins through the first floor room ceilings have started, and fire suppression will begin next week.

Framing of wallsFraming of walls

    Bathroom demolitionBathroom demolition  Removal of the wall that separated north and south sides of Bruske HallRemoval of the wall that separated north and south sides of Bruske Hall

Story published on May 24, 2019