Alma College Pledges On-time Graduation for Transfer Students

“Alma is committed to working with every transfer student to tailor their individual path to their degree.” — Amanda Slenski

Effective in fall 2019, Alma College will expand its on-time graduation promise to incoming transfer students. Through the newly enhanced Alma Commitment, transfer students will qualify for up to a term of free tuition if they are unable to graduate on time according to the academic plan they establish upon entry.

“We understand how important it is to provide transfer students with focused, precise advising and a clear path to graduation,” says Amanda Slenski, vice president for admissions. “Alma is committed to working with every transfer student to tailor their individual path to their degree. We value having transfer students as a part of our campus community and are excited to expand our on-time graduation commitment to include them.”

On-time completion depends on the number of credits students transfer to Alma and their academic program. For example, a student transferring in 30 credits could receive a three-year guarantee, and a student transferring in 70 credits could receive a two-year guarantee.

Students must remain in good academic standing to stay eligible for the Transfer Graduation Commitment.

Additionally, as part of the Alma Commitment, the Alma Venture and other college-sponsored grant programs provide up to $2,500 to every incoming first-year and transfer student to offset the cost of a personalized experience consistent with their academic plan, such as study abroad, internship, hands-on research or clinical project, and service or leadership opportunities.

Alma College launched the on-time graduation promise for incoming first-year students in 2013.

Interested transfer students should contact the Admissions Office at or (800) 321-2562. Prospective transfer students also can be referred to the college at

Story published on May 01, 2019