New Media Studies

Students to Showcase Final Projects at NMS Senior Show

Alma College New Media Studies seniors will show off their final performances on Thursday, April 18th, from 6:00pm - 9:00pm at Highland Blush. These compelling projects harness the students’ creative, technological, and innovative powers in different manners.


Among the seventeen projects to be shown, there are two short films, a documentary film, a rap album, two podcasts, an audio book, two graphic design projects, a photography album, three digital games, a card game, and two short-form video projects.


A couple of the categories to keep an eye on during the show are Game Design and Film. Attendees should also be ready to enjoy content from Business Majors with an NMS minor.


Game Design students Jace Lefevere, Kody Murphy, and Dean Austin have created digital games as their final projects. 


Jace Lefevere’s digital game, “Delusion”, takes a unique look at schizophrenia through a heart-pumping survival horror game. Kody Murphy created a casual, yet brilliant game for mobile devices called “Roli”. Dean Austin is displaying his digital horror game, “Rapture”, which is set along the rural Golf Coast of Louisiana.


Matt Nagy, another Game Design student, has strayed from the digital game format. Instead, he cleverly designed and created an elaborate card game about mental health.


Seniors presenting Film-oriented projects include Emily Brubaker, Jeremy Fieber, Merek Alam, and Ben Ackerson. Brubaker has edited and fine tuned a thriller titled “Hide and Seek.” Just as well, Fieber created a documentary about the painstaking work and progress associated with the local Pine River clean-up. Alam will present his short film manifesto, “Dogma 2025”. Ackerson, on the other hand, recorded one of the songs from his rap album, “Rage for X” as a music video.


Daniella Ribadeneiera, a business major with an NMS minor is displaying her work at the show. Ribadeneiera interviewed international students and faculty about how their fashion reflects the cultures of their home nations. She then designed clothing that modernizes each country’s traditional fashion and created a website to host the project.


Another business major minoring in NMS, Carly McKibben, will exhibit her work which is centered around collaborating with local businesses to create updated graphic designs for them. The businesses use these graphics to promote their events and merchandise. McKibben has built a professional website for this flourishing free-lance graphic design business.


Don’t miss out — make sure to stop by Highland Blush this Thursday evening to experience all of these remarkable seniors’ works at the NMS Senior Show!


To get a sneak peak of what is to come at the show, use the links below to check out some of the students’ portfolios to see their featured works along with some of their past works.


James Ewald’s Portfolio

Yifan Zhao’s Portfolio

Laura Kastler’s Portfolio

Carly McKibben’s Portfolio

Story published on April 16, 2019