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Madelyn Winnie: A Love for Language

Madelyn Winnie took part in Alma College English Professor Dana Aspinall’s 2018 spring term titled “Medieval & Renaissance Drama.”

Over the course of four weeks, students traveled throughout England to learn about the country’s literary history. 

The students visited places such as York and Stratford during their first two weeks abroad. Their remaining time was spent living in a London flat and taking day trips to places such as Canterbury. As an English major and French minor, Madelyn gained a lot from this experience.

Madelyn Winnie“This trip focused on Shakespeare, which is like the hallmark of being an English major,” says Madelyn. “To go and study in his home, where he was from, at the Stratford playhouse, and to actually see where he performed was amazing. I spent the whole time thinking, ‘This is the origin and the birthplace. This is English!’” 

“I really love language,” says Madelyn. “As a French minor, the other thing that really interested me was how the French played into the story of the places that we visited. The interactions between the English and the French were interesting to observe in both the history and the architecture throughout England.”

“Interacting with the people there also proved to be a unique experience,” says Madelyn. “In my previous travels to France and Germany I have gotten to do this a lot; however, there was always an evident cultural and language barrier. That language barrier wasn’t present in England though. To study the cultural barrier independent from the language barrier was exciting.”

Madelyn Winnie in England.

Madelyn is a member of the English honorary, the Presidential Honor’s Program and French Club. In her free time, she also serves as co-leader of Tea Time with God and works for the Alma College Writing Center and as a First-Year Guide.

She attributes her success at Alma College to the “tons of really dedicated faculty.” Additionally, she extends a special thanks to Aspinall for the impact that he has had on her Alma College experience.

She plans to graduate in the spring of 2020 and further her education in graduate school.

Story published on October 19, 2018