Student Art Prize 2018: Black and White

Eleven works of art located throughout the campus compete for the top spot in this year’s competition.

Student Art Prize entry. Students artists have installed beauty and meaning across campus in shades of black and white. Eleven works of art compete for the top spot in the Alma College Student Art Prize 2018 competition.

Students, parents, faculty, staff and community members are encouraged to vote on this year’s submissions through Sept. 30. Voting booths are located beside each exhibit, and votes for any project may be cast from any booth. It is asked that each person vote only once.

The artists have used a variety of materials for their works, including paint and papier-mâché, to address this year’s theme of “Black and White.” Some works are composed of more unusual materials such as playing cards and old milk cartons.

Student Art Prize entry “A particularly interesting piece was crafted from papier-mâché and is located on the first-floor of the Swanson Academic Center,” says Jillian Dickson, the competition’s faculty advisor. “Artist Natalie McKibben involves students by creating an environment around the piece. As students sit in the chairs surrounding the piece, they become participants in the art, which looks at the abundance of information available today.”

This year’s installations focus on a breadth of ideas and issues. Night and Day poses nighttime sights in juxtaposition to those of daytime — doing so creates a dialogue on their co-dependence that is similar to that between the good and bad of life. In contrast, Attack is a more personal work that attempts to convey the creator’s experience with anxiety.

Student Art Prize entry Other exhibits examine the interaction between individuals and society. Tied Up investigates the idea of people as puppets whose strings are controlled by the scattered beliefs of society. Portraits of Truth shares this theme and is a collage of photographs featuring both people and scenes. Littered amongst these are a series of thoughts that individuals often encounter when examining their place within a larger community.

Project names, locations and creators are as follows:

  • Tied Up in the covered walkway between Swanson Academic Center and Dow Science Center by Anissa Keeler
  • Spilled Milk in the stairwell of Hamilton Commons by Calum Clow
  • Tunnel Through in the Hamilton Commons lobby by Paige Shaw, Ivy VanPoppelen and Spencer Wehner
  • Are You Superstitious? in the half circle outside of the library by Sarah Manwaring
  • Night and Day on the wall beside the Dow Digital Science Center by Allison Henry
  • Connections on the wall beside the Dow Digital Science Center by Mackenzie Harris
  • Attack on the wall beside the Dow Digital Science Center by Jessica Mayne
  • Victoria on the main floor of the library by Madison Amlotte and Molly McFadden
  • Portraits of Truth on the main floor of the library by Michelle Malkowski
  • Life in the Tyler Van Dusen hallway leading to Joe’s Place by Marina Stack
  • Information Overload on the first-floor of the Swanson Academic Center by Natalie McKibben
Story published on September 25, 2018