Amanda Slenski Named Vice President for Admissions

The 2007 Alma graduate will lead the college’s student recruitment efforts.

Amanda Slenski, an experienced administrator who has filled multiple leadership roles in her Alma College career, has accepted a new assignment to lead the college’s student recruitment efforts as vice president for admissions, effective immediately.

A 2007 graduate of Alma College, Slenski has served as the interim associate vice president for admissions for the past nine months. She has been employed by the college since 2010 in a variety of departments, including admissions, advancement and career services.

New students arrive for move-in day in fall 2017. New students arrive for move-in day in fall 2017.“Amanda has approached each position with an eye to making improvements to support the mission of the college,” says President Jeff Abernathy. “She has consistently exhibited the drive and talent — with energy and enthusiasm — that make her an exemplary Alma College leader. I am excited to work with Amanda to advance the college.”

Slenski will lead the college’s admissions team in expanding transfer, diversity, out-of-state and international recruitment while maintaining a solid base of in-state students.

“Alma College is home to me, and I am thrilled to continue to assist students to find their place here as a member of the Alma family,” says Slenski. “As an alumna, I know the true value of an Alma College education, and it is my privilege to share the Alma story with prospective students and their families and to serve the college as our vice president for admissions and lead the admissions team.”

Slenski joined the admissions staff in 2010 as a student recruiter. She accepted positions of increasing responsibility and ultimately served as director of admissions and chief admissions officer from 2013-15.

From 2015-17, she moved to the advancement sector as director of alumni and family engagement with a promotion to assistant vice president for constituent engagement. In 2017, she led the college’s career development and programming efforts as assistant director for the Center for Student Opportunity.

Prior to Alma, Slenski was a resident director at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, leadership advisor for Alpha Gamma Delta International in Indianapolis, and a recruitment coordinator and graduate resident director at Miami University in Ohio.

She has a master’s degree from Miami University with a focus in student affairs administration.

Story published on June 15, 2018