Wilcox Medical Center

Travel Vaccines


Any one that will be traveling overseas will have the opportunity to get their travel immunizations and anti malarial medication at the Wilcox Medical Center this year!  We are now officially recognized as a travel clinic!!

In order to take advantage to receive your immunizations on campus, you will need to order and pre-pay for them in advance.  This is due to the cost of the immunizations and the fact that health insurance does not usually cover “optional” immunizations.  You will need to go to the Wilcox Medical Center and fill out an order sheet and pre-pay with cash, check, or credit card.  Once we have a handful of requests then we will place an order and we will notify you when they come in.  Once the immunizations are administered we will be able to give receipts so if parents would like to on there own, can submit to their health insurance for possible reimbursement.

An appointment with the NP will be required to obtain a prescription for anti-malarial medication.

Ordering DEADLINE for the 2018-2019 academic year:
April 1, 2019 for Spring/Summer Term travel

Please note: You will need to contact your local Health Department in order to receive the Yellow Fever vaccine.

I you have any questions, please do not hesitate to stop by or call the Wilcox Medical Center.

Story published on November 08, 2017