Secondary Education

Music Education student, Rachel Nemeth, awarded Departmental Honors

Learn what it takes to earn Honors in Education!

During Honors Day in April 2017, Rachel Nemeth presented her Honors Thesis, “Experiences and Education of Third Culture Kids.”  The completion of the senior thesis paper and its presentation are two important components to earn Departmental Honors.


Rachel Nemeth presents the research at Honors Day in April 2017.


Honors in Education represents an exceptionally high quality of performance in all aspects of the Education program, including coursework, fieldwork, and academic rigor, as represented by the criteria below.

You may achieve honors in the Education department by:

  1. Having a 3.5 GPA in the Education major (elementary education, secondary education, or educational studies) and a 3.3 GPA overall; and
  2. Performing at a superior level in the culminating departmental experience of student teaching for elementary or secondary certification (EDC 490/491) or an educational internship for educational studies (EDC 470); and
  3. Preparing a senior thesis of honors caliber and presenting it at Honors Day or another appropriate public forum.

The above are minimum requirements only, and completion alone will not guarantee conferral of Honors. The decision to award Honors in Education is made by the Education Department upon review of a student’s successful completion of each component and progress through the entire education program. Honors is awarded to those few students who best exemplify these qualities of excellence.

Story published on March 12, 2018