Diversity & Inclusion Office

Being a Social Activist Today

Alma College’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion and Co-Curricular Committee is honored to be able to host Naomi Tutu as the MLK Speaker for 2018. Ms. Tutu is the daughter of South African Anglican Bishop Desmond Tutu. As a result of her family and country of origin she has been raised to be an activist from birth.  Ms. Tutu will share her narrative and how those experiences have shaped her as an activist.  She will share with us the necessity for being a social activist in today’s world. It our hope that the Alma College community and beyond come to listen to Ms. Tutu, be informed and entertained by her presentation. She will be presenting Wednesday, 1/17/18 from 7 pm-8:30 pm in Presbyterian Hall in the Heritage Center on the campus of Alma College. Admission is free. 

Story published on January 10, 2018