Great Scots: Shelly Earegood and Viki Everhart

Whether cleaning carpet or creating library exhibits, Shelly Earegood and Viki Everhart take the initiative when responding to the requests of peers and patrons.

<em>Shelly Earegood</em> Shelly EaregoodPresident Jeff Abernathy has identified Shelly Earegood, custodian, and Viki Everhart, library collections specialist, as “Great Scots” for work that is appreciated by their campus colleagues.

Earegood was recognized as someone who goes the extra mile to respond to specific maintenance needs. In his monthly update to the campus, President Abernathy quoted Assistant Professor Henry Balfanz, who shared a story about how Earegood, who works in the Swanson Academic Center, took the initiative to shampoo his dirty office carpet.

“She deserves a pat on the back for making the extra effort to make my office look better,” said Balfanz. “It was really important to me, because I get a lot of prospective students and their parents in to my office on visits — and first impressions are important. Who knows, mom and dad and junior might make the decision based on the meeting with me. So I appreciate her extra effort.”

<em>Viki Everhart</em> Viki EverhartEverhart has worked full time as the library acquisitions specialist since 2000. She was acknowledged for her work organizing the college archives and making historical materials available for study. This summer, she assisted in creating a library exhibit on the works of Martin Luther, showcasing the library’s oldest books dating back nearly 500 years. She also has assisted with a special project to locate, photograph, catalog and secure the items from the Annie Reid-Knox gift.

“Viki is consistently pleasant and responsive, making certain library patrons receive the information they request and need,” wrote Abernathy.

President Abernathy periodically presents the Great Scot Award to members of the faculty and staff for “excellence in service to Alma College.”

Story published on August 14, 2017