Writing Contest Winners 2017

The English Department announces its writing contest winners for 2017.

1st — “My Dad Is Strange and Sad” and “Buzzing Gnat” by Emily Cleeves, Potterville first-year student
2nd — “Nibbling at the Oxygen” by Christopher Nolan, West Branch sophomore
3rd — “Hyperion” by Thea Abbatoy, Shelby Township sophomore
Honorable Mentions:
“Beginner’s Vol. 2” by Zachary Cahill, West Branch sophomore
“To the Man My Mom Almost Married” by Thea Abbatoy
“Gunshot” by Najelle Gilmore, Grand Blanc sophomore
Short Story
1st — “The Merchant” by Zack Bosley, Howard City first-year student
2nd place — “Only Smoke” by Christopher Nolan, West Branch sophomore
Position Paper
1st — “My Concussion’s Gift” by Taylor LeMasters, Chandler, Ariz., first-year student
2nd — “2-4-6-8, Why Does Cheer Get So Much Hate? by Mackinley Prentice, Portage first-year student
3rd — “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Fact or Fiction?” by Nadia Swiecicki, Bay City first-year student
Research Paper (written for English 101)
1st — “Religion in Public Education” by Olivia Alice Flemming, Camp Lake first-year student
2nd — “Monkey See, Monkey Do” by Ashley Sullivan, Adrian first-year student
3rd — “Censorship and Free Speech in the Modern World” by Claudia Walter, Howell first-year student
Creative Non-Fiction: No winners in category.
Multimedia: No submissions.

Story published on April 10, 2017