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Montrose Bearded Dragon Project

Ever wanted to incorporate a pet into your classroom experience? Here is your chance! Learn More about bearded Dragons Here.

Montrose Schools have 2  bearded dragons. Thanks to a partnership with the Dow Digital Science Center, you can watch them online via our live video feed!

“My class adopted Severus last October because his owner had gone off to college and he was very lonely, says Mrs. Kelly Sanborn of Montrose Community Schools.

“Severus is a bearded dragon, his scientific name is Pogona vitticeps. Severus is a male and male dragons grow to be about two feet in length. Bearded dragons are originally from Australia. Their habitats include woodlands, savannas and deserts. Severus is an omnivore, he loves to eat crickets and kale. The one thing that surprised me about Severus is he loves to cuddle. He snuggles into my neck and will get upset when I try and put him back into his cage.

“My students were very excited when they found out we were getting another class pet. Severus has joined Rocky (21-year-old ball python), Atticus (zebra finch), eight anoles, Tesla (Gourami), Einstein and Alfred Wegener (Betta fish) Harry Hess (hermit crab) and many guppies. I have classroom pets because I believe that animals teach compassion and responsibility to my students.

“Studies show:

  • Even children with no exposure to animals or nature in their home environment can see, feel, touch and make connections to the wide world of animals.
  • Observing and caring for an animal instills a sense of responsibility and respect for life.
  • A pet brings increased sensitivity and awareness of the feelings and needs of others — both animals and humans.
  • Students will see directly how their behavior and actions affect others.
  • The presence of animals tends to lessen tension in the classroom.

“Severus has had an impact on my room in many ways. Academically, I use him in science (food chains, ecosystems, habitats, animal types). He has helped my students become more compassionate and responsible. My students always want to hold him. They love to feed and bathe him. They also take him on our Monday power walks. I was going to buy a walking harness for him, but like I stated before, Severus loves to be held.”


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Story published on March 20, 2017