Alma Students Honored for Commitment to Service

From spending time with residents at a local senior living facility to addressing human injustices globally, Madison Smith and Marianna Smith are exemplary models of Alma College’s commitment to community service.

Michigan Campus Compact has honored Alma College students Madison Smith and Marianna Smith with Commitment to Service awards for their dedication to community service.

<em>Madison Smith</em> Madison SmithMadison Smith

Madison Smith, a senior from Westphalia, serves as the community outreach coordinator for the Student Athletic Advisory Committee and as a member of the Service Learning Team. Both of these student boards assist in connecting students with volunteer opportunities and outreach in Alma and other Gratiot County communities.

She has been involved in two community programs that were initiated and grown during Madison’s time at Alma College. The “Friend with an Athlete” program pairs a student-athlete with a senior resident living at Masonic Pathways in Alma. Madison also was instrumental in creating a stronger partnership between Alma College and Special Olympics Area 7 basketball.

“Madison encourages student-athletes to become active in their community,” says Sallie Scheide, coordinator of the Responsible Leadership Institute. “She realizes that her interactions in the community keep her grounded, enhances her life lessons and breaks down barriers associated with stigmas.”

Madison is majoring in integrated physiology and health science with a minor in psychology.

<em>Marianna Smith, front row, second from left</em> Marianna Smith, front row, second from leftMarianna Smith

Marianna Smith, a senior from Ludington, has expressed her passion for human rights locally, nationally and globally. She has been involved with service activities associated with Alternative Breaks, Amnesty International, Hispanic Coalition and the Public Affairs Institute.

“As a site leader with Alternative Breaks, Marianna knows the value of experiential learning and direct service in understanding the human experience of others,” says Scheide. “Amnesty International has allowed her to follow her passion for human rights in situations of injustice.”

She has made connections with the migrant community of Mid-Michigan through the Hispanic Coalition. Two semesters of study abroad gave her opportunities for global service experiences.

Marianna, who is double majoring in Spanish and communications, plans to spend a year working with a non-governmental organization (NGO) before pursuing a master’s degree in public policy.

Michigan Campus Compact is a coalition of 36 Michigan colleges and universities dedicated to preparing college students to be civically engaged citizens.

Story published on March 16, 2017