New Media Studies

For Your Next Assignment: Take a Selfie!

The challenge was this: Take four self portraits of yourself, each one representing a different facet of your personality. Two should show aspects you like; two should show sides of you that aren’t so favorable. Clothes and background shouldn’t be changed from photograph to photograph, BUT the lighting must be changed. Simple, right?

Dean Austin Selfie Tetralogy Dean Austin Selfie Tetralogy


The students in camera media were tasked with creating four unique, yet similar, self-portraits. Simplicity was key. Expression through facial expressions was encouraged. By changing the lighting, the overall look of the entire photograph can be altered. In the work featured below, you can see how modifying the lighting set-up modified the entire self-portrait.

Meng Cai Selfie Tetralogy Meng Cai Selfie Tetralogy 


Some students chose to use filtering gels to change the overall color tone. Some changed the location of the actual lights in relation to where they were posed. Some took them in the academic buildings, some in the dorms, and one outside. But of course, no two self-portraits were alike.


Monica Bussell Selfie Tetralogy Monica Bussell Selfie Tetralogy

Story published on February 15, 2017