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Fandom Spotlight: Sherlock Holmes

What fandoms do the NMS students secretly love? This week, Domenica tells us her favorite!



  1. the state or condition of being a fan of someone or something.




Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman from the series Sherlock.Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman from the series Sherlock.

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. Is there a better duo in the history of fandoms? Personally, I don’t think there is. When BBC released the Sherlock Holmes series in 2010, I was instantly hooked. I loved the premise. I loved the characters. I loved the actors. And, I learned that summer what a fandom was.


Nothing beats the Sherlock storyline. Every episode has insane twists and turns that leave you feeling slightly confused but completely satisfied after an episode has ended. I won’t give away any season four spoilers, but suffice to say, the season finale was one of the craziest, coolest, most plot twisting season finale I have ever seen. In any of my favorite shows and fandoms. 


Confession time: The Sherlock fandom can get a little crazy. The JohnLock shippers? Hardcore. The people who say Moriarity is still alive? They’ve actually got convincing theories. But this fandom is the best fandom to be a part of.


After a season ends, you can always go on Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook and find your fellow Sherlockians. They will support you as you mourn another amazing, heartbreaking season finale.


Are you interested in talking about different ships? Your latest OTP? This fandom has a space for you. Whether you love Sherlock and Molly, John and Mary, or (my unbiased, personal favorite), Sherlock and John, there are fans who want nothing more than to share their passion for pairings with you.


And the love the fans show to other members of the fandom? There are some fans creating legitimately beautiful and amazing art based on Sherlock Holmes. Art students create portraits that resemble the detective perfectly. Illustrators design graphic novel pages that are better than some I’ve bought. English majors staying up to all hours in order to finish the latest installation in their newest fanfiction piece. I find myself on Pinterest at midnight reminding myself I have class in the morning only to whisper ‘just one more Sherlock conspiracy theory.’ As a disclaimer, that’s probably not the best way to get ready for class and I don’t endorse it at all.


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Story published on February 07, 2017