New Media Studies

Final Exams as…a Video Game Expo?

For the students in Dr. Collamati’s Intro to Digital Media, the final exam was much different than the traditional sit down exam.

The challenge was simple: break into teams of four and create a video game in three weeks. At first, the teams were almost overwhelmed. How could they possibly create a video game in three weeks? But after working together, the games began to take shape. By the time the Expo came around, everyone’s game was designed, coded, and completely ready for play. 

The games had an wide-range of themes: from ending animal cruelty, to being in love, to trying to find something to eat in a college cafeteria.

The group known as Sweet Team designed “Faux or Fox Fur,” a game centered around animal rights and ending the fur trade. You can download and play it here!

Team Panda designed “Linked”a game about finding true love.

Team Blind Mice designed, ”The Sage Game,” a game about finding healthy food options in a college cafeteria. 

Team Rejekted designed “RaJ,” a game in which the player helps a stick figure escape a testing lab.

The title screen of RaJ

Team Legends designed, “Late to Class,” a game about all the obstacles that fall in your way when you are running to class.

Story published on January 18, 2017