New Media Studies

Digital Perk to a D3 Sports Progam? Students Get in on the Coverage

As part of a liberal arts college, students are afforded opportunities that their peers may not be able to experience at other institutions. One of the best examples is the ability to work as part of a production team to produce and create video and live broadcast content for the college.


At larger institutions, working on a production for the football team likely entails holding a microphone for a third-party vendor who has been hired to produce games as part of an athletic contract. At Alma, students have the opportunity to work directly with the athletic department to produce content in every facet of production. Students interested in producing, directing, filming, editing or graphic design can find opportunities in the production of any of the live events on campus.

Recently, the New Media Studies program has started to get in on the game. A new course in LIVE PRODUCTION (NMS 280) offers a way to learn more about these productions, their place in the larger media industry, and how students can be part of the growing field of live production.

And the opportunities reach beyond athletics and encompass programming for the arts at Alma as well. The college offers paid positions to students to help stream the commencement ceremony and other events throughout the academic year.


This type of work experience has never been more valuable in the marketplace. As technology changes how we consume media, live events remain a constant source of job growth. Recently, the National Basketball Association negotiated its broadcasting contract with networks for a record $24 billion. Job opportunities in these fields continue to increase  as streaming and other broadcasting alternatives expand their reach.Continued growth is expected as more traditional viewing methods are being replaced by online broadcasting outlets such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon.

Anyone interested in learning more about these opportunities or the new course should reach out to Benjamin Tigner, Alma College’s Digital Media Coordinator, at


Story published on December 28, 2016