New Media Studies

Guess This Professor’s Favorite Video Game!

Dr. Lauren Woolbright, assistant professor of New Media Studies, is an expert in game studies, gender studies, race and ethnicity, and environmental justice.

A screenshot from the game "Never Alone."A screenshot from the game "Never Alone."

It’s no surprise then that her favorite game—at least right now–is Never Alone, the first ever world game. The game was developed by new media specialists who worked with the Inupiaq tribe to create a game centered on indigenous people. It is, as of right now, one of the most innovative games on the market, combining intersectional feminist role play with documentary elements.


Never Alone focuses on the Iñupiaq girl Nuna and her artic fox, who solve puzzles based on elements from the documentary. Dr. Woolbright loves this game: ethnic diversity, intersectional feminist plot, and complicated design elements—this one’s got it all!


Never Alone is available on PC, Mac, most consoles and mobile devices.


Story published on November 16, 2016