Cassidy Sanford

Class of 2020

My experience working as the sound designer for the production of Our Town was incredible! It was a really different experience than high school for me mainly because I’d never been included in on the design/production meetings. It was really fun having to go through some of our props to find bells or train whistles to use in the show. Also it was really fun learning to use a new sound system and learning how to use Multiplay. This was a really educational experience as well because I got to really step into the role of a designer vs. when at high school I was a board op and a designer. Also I loved loved loved having so much time to create the sound for the show and being allowed to have the freedom of creativity to add a few extra sounds in where I thought it could work. The most stressful part was probably having to do all the cues and the cue sheet seeing as that is really new to me. Overall, I was really happy with how the sound turned out and I was so grateful for the opportunity as a first year student to work on my first show in the job I want to do when I graduate. 

Story published on November 11, 2016