Franchesca Beningo

Class of 2019

“Our Town” is the first production that I have worked hair and makeup for. Up until this show I had mainly contributed in the costume shop and, for a semester, scene shop. Hair and makeup was definitely a whole new scene for me in my college career.  I have had previous experience doing hair and makeup in high-school but since being in college I have really only spent time working with the costumes; because of this, I have lacked that personal experience with the show and the cast members that comes with doing hair and makeup. I found that being backstage each night and being able to see and connect with the actors was a very refreshing experience. I was so used to being—in a sense—a step removed doing the costumes because I would see less than half of the actors and even the ones I did see, I would only see them once or twice for fittings. Through working on hair and makeup, I had the chance to spend a week with the actors: seeing them each night, conversing with them, and watching their reactions and anticipations as the show progressed. It was a very enjoyable experience for me and it renewed an appreciation within me for the Theatre as a means of bringing people together. When you find yourself surrounded by all of the people who help to put the show together and you see the love and appreciation they have for one another and the Theatre, you can’t help but be warmed inside. Even though I had not been there all along, the week that I helped during the show was filled with nothing but acceptance from those who had been there all along. It is a department that is more like a family than anything else and I feel honored to have been a part of it. This experience has definitely encouraged me to keep doing hair and makeup and I look forward to the rest of the shows I will have the opportunity to work on.


Story published on November 10, 2016