Taylor-Nicole Kissel

Class of 2020

We had our first full read through for the one act play festivals. It was so great to hear all the five different plays read out loud with all the respective parts filled. I knew that all the plays were going to be funny when I first read them when they were first released a couple weeks before auditions, but hearing them today, each one was so much funnier than what I had imagined. And this was just the first read through! I cannot wait until they are all polished and ready for an audience to see just what they grow into to. I play Person B in “Between Two Friends,” and I’m extremely curious to see what will happen with the set for the play. The script for this One Act does not provide any stage direction except for the fact that Person A is waiting on the stage before I come out. With the subject matter of this play, anything can be done for the set and for props. Or it may just end up as a minimalist play, which would be kind of cool. With how amazing “Our Town” was, I hope that the festival gets just as much love and support!

Story published on November 04, 2016