Merek Alam

Class of 2020

 Crazy or Calculated?


Why would we throw away our “League of Semi-Super Hero” scripts for almost the entirety of our second rehearsal? Is it because the movie of “Dead Poet’s Society” may have affected our director a bit too much? Is it because he’s a student, and isn’t as well versed in societal directing norms? Is the guy just downright insane? Maybe. But more than likely, no. The reasoning behind this was to create a culture in our cast. It was to become and embody our characters in this one act, no matter how silly it may sound. Playing improvisational games as our characters doesn’t jus t help u s get into character, it helps us get into the relationships between the characters. This helped us actually, legitimately become the characters. Over the course of the rehearsal (which was only a an hour or so, mind you), we were able to easily create huge scenarios based off our characters and slip in and out of scenes without and seems. Even after the fact, we felt so comfortable in our characters, that we were able to comment back and forth with each other (improvisationally) in times where we could have theoretically been “off”. On top of this, these exercises helped us actually bond as a cast and friends, making the bond between characters feel even more genuine. If I’m being perfectly honest, at the beginning of that rehearsal, I was on the verge of sleep. Partly do to the fact I had only woken up about 10 minutes prior, but also do to a low energy day. But, by the end of our (again, relatively short) rehearsal, I was energized, wired, and excited about the future of our company. So, why? Because something that seems illogical on the surface could actually be doing more than you may have thought. 

Story published on November 04, 2016